Agency & Brokerage

Hotel Acquisitions

LPS provides a bespoke service for each of our clients, helping them to source and acquire hotels, either on or off-market. We provide advice throughout the due diligence process to ensureĀ our clients goals are met.

Hotel Sales

LPS sells hotels on behalf of its clients. Adopting a carefully choreographed process to attract the optimum selection of potential buyers to generate the most favorable sales price, whilst at the same time ensuring the process is as smooth as possible, has led to an exceptional success rate sales within the hotel market.

Operator Selection

LPS designs its operator selection processes entirely upon the needs of the client. Whether an incredibly discrete process is required, or full, formal beauty parade is appropriate, we tailor our approach to meet our clients’ needs. We also ensure that any operating agreement is designed to create a genuine partnership between the owner and the operator, whilst ensuring the end value of the asset is not compromised unduly by the clauses contained within the agreement.

New Lettings

LPS will help clients find the best possible tenants, in terms of quality of operating skill, level of rent, desirability of the overall lease terms, fundability with secured lenders, as well as in terms of overall investment value – we find the best fit.