Valuation Advice

How a Hotel Valuation is Undertaken and What a Bank Really Needs from a Valuation

Leisure Property Services is staffed by Chartered Surveyors who have extensive knowledge in valuing a wide range of leisure properties, including hotels, spas, golf courses, cinemas and development sites. David has valued over £30 billion of hotels in the last 20+ years, including portfolios and single assets, across over 180 countries.

The papers below outline what is involved in a hotel valuation, and how it can be useful, as well as what Banks and other financial institutions should look out for when reviewing a valuation report. It is not meant to be a definitive guide. For those readers looking for more information please either contact David directly with any questions or read the more detailed “Valuation of Hotels for Investors[1]” or Hotels and resorts: An Investor’s Guide, either of which provides a much fuller explanation of the hotel valuation process.

[1] Hotel Valuation for Investors is published by Routledge and can be ordered from them directly on their website (, or from all leading online booksellers.