Tuk Tuk Madness

Tuk Tuk Madness 

3 Countries on 3 Wheels for 1 Cause

Very few spaces are remaining on the latest Madness Cricket Club adventure, so if you are interested contact David as soon as possible.

Lasting from 10 days to 3 weeks, this adventure will be a cross between a “Top Gear” style race on Tuk Tuks, quad bikes, speedboats, kayaks, and bicycles, with elements of  “MasterChef” and “Tomb Raider” thrown in!

We will, of course, be raising money for Cancer Research.

The whole event takes 21 days, though there are two 10-day legs, in case you have limited holiday allowances at your disposal.

The starting date is some distance away, so hopefully will be easy to accommodate into your diary.  Just for clarity that is 2020, so almost 2 years away! That is not a typo!

Tuk Tuk Madness

Starts 23/09/2020            Finishes 14/10/2020

Leg 1 Laotian Lunacy

Starts 23/09/2020            Finishes 03/10/2020

Leg 2 Cambodian Craziness

Starts 03/10/2020            Finishes 14/10/2020

Please note it will be a “first come first served” booking.

We will also be generating sponsorship options – so should you know anyone who wants to sponsor one of only 15 Tuk Tuks, then let me know, we do actually also have the option for sponsors to include one player (for the whole event) in their package.

Tuk Tuk Madness – 3 Countries on 3 Wheels for 1 Cause

Please contact David for further information.

HPA have been instructed to find an investor looking to buy a plot of land and a new resort in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

For more information please contact David.